Men at Work

Following on from the Modulex Men posted below, here's more men at work. This, of course, features the UNIVAC Type 1540 Command Magnetic Tape Unit circa. 1966. This comes from a memoir-site of Honeysuckle Creek Tracking Station, which was involved in the Apollo space programme.

Thoughts turn to 'Sleeper'. There is a scene I tried to find where Woody is working with a tape-spool-super-computer. He is distraced by an attractive girl, leans coquettishly on the machine and it runs out of control. Cue flashing lights, unravelling tape. Anyway, couldn't find it but this clip is very funny. The thread for me here is people outscaled by big lumps of technology, or something like that. But the technology looks like it doesn't know what it's for. And a mid-C20th conception of the future. Been drawing a MIR space station simulator for similar reasons.

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