Standing There Chair

A chair recently completed, a marker for further projects with Sally. Source a chair (or other), source a fabric, source some content, establish a treatment. In this case the text was a lyric-poem written a while ago by one of our girls, Sadie.

I drew the text by hand then re-worked but not over-worked some components on-screen and transferred for Sally to stitch. She then applied the panels having already taken the chair back to the frame for a full re-upholstery with correct materials.

LinkFurniture carries a narrative always. In this case it's tattooed onto the surface. In Bright Ideas, Beautiful Minds, Jürgen Bey says,'The language of products is a language that we give them so that they can communicate with users. Sometimes they have an interpreter in the form of a written set of instructions, sometimes through tattoos on their body. It is a functional language that tells us what they can do, where they come from and what they are for'.

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