Open Season Drawing

First of a set of posters for a drawing season at Camberwell College of Arts. Each session is essentially practical yet critical in attitude. Important to consider the function of drawing beyond showing off one's ability. As a mode of thinking, of working out, of mistake and correction, of looking of course.

The posters apply my Make Do Type, with its oddness of spacing out of an underworked monospace. I keep almost applying kerns and other optical adjustments, then realising that I prefer the original awkardness. Cutting the blocks tomorrow in order to make a letterpressed version at 496mm x 700mm. Curious to see how well the blocks hold up on this press. Already discovered that the body text, with the x-height at 4 or 5mm and line weight at 1mm, is just about the limit of the lasecutter. The counterforms cannot really be retained, so may try doing some outsourced engraving.

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