Inked and took a print from this block, same small A6 scale as the Haiti piece. I wanted to try a single indigo-ultramarine colour, to pull out the nuanced wooden and perspex surfaces. Still the block itself is more satisfactory; I could be expecting something that doesn't come from a relief print.

The print, to find the right hierarchical balance between reading of the engraved line and woodgrain, needs perhaps to be larger. I'll continue, next laying down a flat, risographed slab of near-black and then overprint from the block in white and skewed whites. This way the block should have more object-volume on the lightweight paper (which is Zerkall, around 100gsm). I want to produce an ongoing series, mirroring and imprinting from the box elements; so the initial method has to be worked through and out.

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Unknown said...

I often find the printing block to be more appealing than the final printed piece, particularly when letterpress or lino cuts are concerned. You've inspired me to have another look at an old idea for an artwork that I dismissed.