Peas and Poppies and Progress

Sally has been stitching the Pea Stool. It's nearly there. The thread certainly is describing the form and contour to a greater extent than before. The green pea leaf, a straight satin stitch, obviated the need for a yellow line to delineate the vein. I know this can be seen anywhere on any tablecloth but it's true to say that you only understand the 'why' after the 'do'.

Alongside this work, I've been developing a new plywood box work to be shown at Partners & Spade in New York, with a variant too in the upcoming show at Direktorenhaus in Berlin. An edition, Anomalous Buttons, will appear for Poundshop at the Shoreditch Festival. Just contributed a piece on my collecting ethic for the next It's Nice That publication, out on October 1st. And developing some limited run sticking-packing tape designs with Chandelier Creative, again in NY. Images of each when it seems prudent to do so.


Kickcan and Conkers said...

This looks incredibly beautiful. Looking forward to seeing the finished work.
Lots to look forward to infact!

ahoi! said...

Looking forward to seeing these upcoming projects.

anna said...

this looks lovely