Source Frieze

Went specifically to study this today, at the British Museum, in the Mesopotamian rooms (click to have a good look). An altar frieze, from the Eye Temple at Tell Brak (north eastern Syria), dated 3300–3000BC. It's a piece I've returned to many times over the past four years and really has been a perennial reference point, then catalyst for recent work. 

Find it interesting how something can register, firstly without motive or known application. Just because it makes sense intuitively. I wanted to photograph it as carefully as possible, in the circumstance, in order to sort of bank it. Why does it speak? Something about it being a physical image. Something about the innate colour of material. Something about resistance and variance of form making its own drawing.


marie said...

yes it's pretty perfect.

Peter Nencini said...

Just looked at your blog. Consistently so well imaged and I like very much your inkwork.

Kate Jinx said...

Really incredible. Tiny details, colours.