Stool Study

In the moment of studying the set of found chairs for Direktorenhaus. In the context of an exhibition, I want the treatments to be functional but then to exchange information concretely with the spaces and to carry through a narrative staked out in the previous post. This is a stage of unpacking the stool's structural character. A lot of measuring and handling and drawing. Here too, adding found pieces which sit naturally in existent apertures or that echo and offset what is already there.

The foam, from a poor last reupholstery, has however these very interesting ghosted marks of the rivets and base holes which I am going to formalise and take back into the reworked pad.

The flipped base, showing how it interlocks with the frame. The orange wooden pieces in the top image are placed to north-south-mirror this attribute.

The previous vinyl, a vivid, sheeny mustard with a piece of found rawhide leather. Leather we will use but I'm thinking of retaining the vinyl in some respect. I like the idea of interchangeable permutations; possible with the unlocking mechanism and apertures.

Sally found this stool and we both recall the same from childhood. Hers had a plum vinyl top, mine a turquoise. I guess they were rife in 1975.


Reference Library said...

Peter, I like where this is going. First photo reminds me of Brenna Murphy.

Peter Nencini said...

Gosh that's a good call, Andy. I'm going to show these permutations on the floor of the space too, which has a very nice metric parquet.