By, With and Of (Interlude)

Georges Perec: I put a picture up on a wall. Then I forget there is a wall.

I no longer know what there is behind this wall.

I no longer know this wall is a wall.

I no longer know what a wall is.

From Species of Spaces and Other Pieces (1974-1993; translated 1997 by John Sturrock).


matt - rolu said...

this quote is my favorite! it was the third in the ASDF / ROLU project Scattered Light.

Scattered Light Poster Three

talk to you soon!

Peter Nencini said...

Yes, this has been an essential collection of texts for me over a good few years now. Interesting to see how it appears here and there for quite a few makers. Hope the show is going well; need to check your blog and see if it's up!