Morocco: Found, Made

Final post on Morocco and a notemaking process to take back into the things being made back home. Ceramics has knocked me healthily sideways, regarding the behaviour of glazes, shrinkage and knowing when to let it be. Don't want to lose a natural tendency to worry something into shape but it can be offset.

Some of the colours here resonate with stoneware glaze tests; violets and purples especially which have surprised me. Also, not so clear on this image, manufactured surface repeats subjected to erosion.

And knotting. Was playing a while ago with remembered lashings and unfamiliar ones, such as the Monkey's Paw.

This last image is an improvised brush used by a boy we met, who made and painted something to give to my boy. He did it just because he wanted to. Best moment.

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anna said...

because he wanted to?
thats gorgeous.
this is an interesting collection of colours and materials.