Box End

An edition of five boxed works are with Partners & Spade, New York and will be in the space and on the website in the next few weeks. Meanwhile, my set of five packing tapes are now available at Chandelier Creative's Limited Editions shop.

The boxes have been more or less a year in the making, tracked through this blog. As a consequence, a document of cul-de-sacs and iterations. The piece is sequential, fiddly in the way it pieces together but also in the way it was conceived. Maybe the most significant outcome for me is quite a changed methodology — or one that taps a more natural vein.

This was the last decision, like each previous in its way realigning the perceived function of the box. Spares, by-products, leftovers to leave with the user but also to take into the next one. This one, I recalled at the end, was dimensionally conditioned by the found envelope. These envelopes were purchased from Inno twelve years ago, when we lived in Brussels. I've used them here and there, feeling they were always important. Only have a few left and need to replenish. Odd how cheap, ephemeral items can assume such indispensability.

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