The stick that moved on its own

A new work, He dared not tell them about the stick that moved on its own. Dimensions 420 x 300 x 20mm. Plywood, four-colour risograph print with die-cuts and found fixings, shelves, erasers. It's exhibited as a part of Questioning Print, now at Kemistry Gallery, curated by the very good 40/04 — Alex Hough, Jake Hopwood and Charlie Abbott.

The title follows the work's bitty ethic, taken from the 'Golden Pleasure Book' series of 'The Gold Star Library', 1967. I'm wanting to find each time something insolubly wrong in the pulling together of title, print and things on a kind of peg-board which would suggest compositional harmony.

The picture element is intended to be explanatory of something incidental or unimportant or ephemeral or momentary, observed first-hand.

I'm thinking about how these can operate on a wall, at different proportions and scale. The shelf aspect is particularly interesting at the moment.

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