Poundshop prototype

The Poundshop returns for London Design Week in September. It's such a good project by Household and Sara Melin. A chance to play, or to break in an idea. This time I'm making an 'Indeterminate Kit'. There will be three or four variants. It has some precedent in Handwerk, with the function unspecified. This uses euroslot hanging tabs and standard dimension cellophane card envelopes to force a layered composition of components sourced from poundshop poundshops. The components I want to be stripped of their linear use by grouping them with disparate partners. I'll write more about this once the variants are resolved (this one isn't), in a couple of days. Suffice to say that I've been influenced by notions of indeterminate and aleatoric music. Also looking increasingly at sentimental, aspirational abstracted forms and colours, such as false nails, iridescent papers, pearlised pin heads. And offsetting these with the 'poor' materials I've used more habitually in the boxes.

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