Dredged Ornament

I've been dredging for modern ornament, with treatments and vocabulary for the ROLU chairs in mind. Isolating them from background in order to lose their context and see them as a family. More to say and show but I want to try and do it in littler, more often posts. Lost that habit, building up too much to convoluted posts, which really do miss the point of blogging. The blouse — or Mola — is modern day Kuna, from Panama (via the Textile Museum of Canada). The others are my photos, heavily edited. The top one, a ubiquitous window vinyl for launderettes, with the legend 'wash and dry your duvets here' removed, in order to expose the graphic expressions of squishiness. The lower images of nondescript leaning pads on London buses. A whole genre of municipal street furniture out there intended to prop the user for a moment, without encouraging 'loitering'. 

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