Anna and Bernhard Blume (via pablosanz). New to me but found through looking again at the 'file notes' to Camden Arts Centre's early 2008 show Strange Events Permit Themselves the Luxury of Occurring. Sometimes I miss a show I should have seen and this one still haunts. It's such an interesting premise and choice of people. 'A peculiar kind of... Modernism'.

Thinking quite a bit about the figure 'disappearing into the fabric of the building'. Somebody said this revelatory thing at a strange, arid conference in a Holiday Inn and it woke me up. Also abstract movement in, and delineation of, spaces like kitchens and workshops.

Maya Deren's Meshes of the Afternoon (1943). Linking to the Blumes in its use of domestic but really as a concrete, generic yet claustrophobic space in the way she uses corners, stairs, doorways. And the rhythm struck up by the edit and the beautiful score by Teiji Ito.