Écouter Avec Les Yeux

Just-finished stitch design; a piano stool commission for the excellent Andrew Rae. Colours are always open to change, when Sally is working each area. As said — with each new work — new stitches are folded in. We are going to use a darker linen, close to linen canvas; so it works authentically as a halftone, either side of which the whitish whites and blacks register equally. I'll write more soon, on the research and content feeding the imagery.



R.I.P., Richard

Finn MacCool by Richard Hamilton (1983), via Tate.


Twelve Indeterminate Wall Works

These twelve wall works will be installed at Partners & Spade, New York, accompanying the boxed edition, for their re-opening next weekend 9th September. All within a 400mm dimension, with a plywood carcass. Each with a variant 40mm pegboard grid that takes plates and bars of ply and hardboard, plugged with found erasers, dowel and nylon screws. Materials held therein: found papers, leathers, linoleum, linen canvas, sticky notes, erasers, rubber bands, with stitch. Each base board is a different dimension and I intend them to display on a centreline, with the consequent awkward negative spaces between. Coming from an interest in the way groups of images load to a crude template onscreen.