What I Saw On My Holidays: Afterlives

Battersea Park, London.

Aglou, Morocco.

Downpatrick, Northern Ireland.

Aglou, Morocco.

Tyrella, Northern Ireland.

Tyrella too.

And again.


Forms and Permutations

Quietly collecting, thinking about form, permutation, material. Helps with drawing sensibility but there is an itch to make, that has yet to be scratched.

Three experiments here for cupboard-door-pulls, each a take on the same act. I like very much the ergonomic of early tractor seats, bicycle handle grips,... where the body is mechnically and somewhat cartoonishly mirrored.

Somehow, having these cut, themselves inform judgements on radius, tangential contact points and rhythm back into in picturemaking.


Somewhere Between Orange and Red

Petrol pump attendant, Mirleft, Morocco.

Skip Dive Tile, Camberwell, London.

Dick Bruna's Poppy (1975).

Papaver, Dulwich, London.

U-Bahn, Berlin.