Spurious Image Formation (1)

More to add here but just wanted to get something up.


Stitch Schematics Two

The purpose of the drawings here and in the previous post, is to think through a system for stitch and appliqué onto cotton canvas bags, with a simple underlying marked 40mm grid to give scope for improvisation. The dimension is based on standard 12oz cotton canvas totes, bought for prototyping. I've settled for supplied colours red, green, yellow, purple. So the palette means a retune, to gaudier, heavier-handed treatments which I am enjoying.

The underlying structure is both for me to be able to stitch and also for others, in the form of a kit with instructions. I'm interested in bags being one-off. The system is really motivated by the ROLU project and a set of techniques that can be applied to loose covers for the chairs. The main question is whether to screenprint dot-guides or to machine cut tiny perforations for the stitch. Sally is such a crafter, I cannot begin to match but the idea here is to find a way that someone with limited handskill can achieve a result. The appliquéd sections here would be grafted from a sacrifice bag (one in every ten-ish), ironed down with 'bondaweb' and then a couched edge in the same colour thread, or in black. Yet to see if it works.

More drawings will come and I aim to prototype this week coming.