Even Keel Exercises

Camberwell Illustration's term has ended. A wonderful new group with which to have worked. Excited by how much of a stake everybody has in the group and by the collective faith in content as a root to original work. Doing this a part of the week and then switching to making work is stimulating — one talks to the other — but sometimes one can lose the feeling in one's fingers. That is, for a metronomic play with a limited set of materials to hand; decisions arriving only in response, rather than in anticipation, of what is happening between the hands and the stuff.

A lot of recent work has been, out of necessity, two–dimensional. The Hand Werk boxes are (over)due for completion, along with a set of other projects which require shut mouth, open eyes and sound touch. Also starting a ceramics course in January; some kind of resolution to graduate beyond extruded images.

So these are simply exercises to open up and switch on to the made and found components sitting around the space, which I smugly thought would start putting themselves together, on return and on demand.


Tape, Inch by Inch

I've designed a family of packing tapes, under production now, in partnership with Chandelier Creative, NY. The widest roll is 2.5", then downwards incrementally to 0.5". Not sure yet how availability will work but will post once they appear.