Engrailed, Invected, Embattled, Indented

Imi Knoebel's Messerschnitte silkscreen print series (1977-93). I'm beginning work on a second collaboration with James Langdon (news on the first — Eastside Projects Manual Draft #6 — to come). Not too much detail at the moment but the context is a performance of sorts; and the work, a costume which part-transforms into an architectural model. At the moment, it feels productive to interleave and loop references, this time in a cycle of five.

Partition line variants with shield fields, from A Complete Guide to Heraldry (1909) by Arthur Charles Fox-Davies, with illustrations by Graham Johnston. The performed building of the 'model' may be considered a stratification. There is a correspondence here, between a geological-sequential and a municipal-hierarchical stack.

Untitled, undated (c. 1970) Běla Kolářová make-up drawing, as seen at Raven Row earlier this year. A gestural inventory, with some dialectic between angst and whimsy brought about by the use of make-up as medium.

The palette will (I think) pull on royal blue and yellows that argue between themselves – from hazard fluos to just something just shy of ochre. Black as line and punctuation point. This arrives out of melting in the pot Leipzig's civic colours (more explanation another time), a Scandinavian retailer, the notion of an 'away kit', hi-viz bib 'n' brace, yellow jersey,...

Nomograph for the prediction of a four-hour sweat loss, from cabin thermal environment studies by NASA. Performance, within constrained spatial, gravitational conditions and durations. Interested by the intimacy of this data, for something of a slow spectacle.

Imi Knoebel, again.

Monochromatic print process solution for heraldic tinctures – "the system of hatching used by Marcus Vulson de la Colombière, 1639", again from A Complete Guide to Heraldry.

Běla Kolářová
The plastercasty redoubling of surface expression that comes with a one-colour anything product. 

"Anatomical dimensions for the design of body waste management facilities", again from NASA.

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